self portrait in Blue Hill, Maine

self portrait in Blue Hill, Maine


When I was nine, my father’s job as a sales executive for Eastman Kodak Company took us from the bland suburbs of Rochester, New York to the heart of Mexico City. We lived behind a concrete wall with pieces of broken bottles embedded along the top to keep out intruders. The wall opposite our house was the back of a church and convent where in the basement could be found mummies propped upright on two sides of a narrow corridor. One mummified mother held a baby with vacant eyes.

On one of his business trips back to ‘the states,’ as we called our country of origin, my father bought me a cassette audio recorder, and I was enthralled by it’s ability to record the human voice. So began my enchantment with mechanical devices that mimic some semblance of the way the world looks and sounds.

In college, I discovered photography as a form of art, and spent many hours in the library perusing photography books by Walker Evans, Eugène Atget, André Kertész, and Robert Frank. When I teach photography, I show students these same great photography artists.

I came to New York City to take a job at a photography magazine called Camera Arts, and went on to work as a photography editor at many magazines and newspapers. I have assigned, edited and researched photographs for LIFE Magazine, Time, Fortune, Vanity Fair, the New York Times and many other media clients.

I adore teaching because it allows me to share my love of photography with young people who may not have discovered just how much fun it can be. What I teach is photography, but what I hope students learn includes confidence, an interest in creative self expression, collaboration and teamwork, the ability to articulate ideas, and digital media problem solving.

Photography Teaching Artist:
I teach photography, documentary studies and digital media in New York City public schools for two organizations devoted to bringing arts programs to the schools: Marquis Studios and Magic Box Productions.

Photography Editor -- Selected Projects:

  • Photography Editor, Time Inc. Books, recent books photo edited include Thurgood Marshall: The Visionary and LIFE World War I: The Great War and the American Century.

  • Founding Picture Editor, My Generation magazine, an award-winning 3.5 million circulation magazine for baby boomers.

  • Photography Editor, The Century book and television series, produced for Peter Jennings at ABC News. The Century book was a New York Times bestseller for 56 weeks and sold more than 1.6 million copies.

  • Photography Editor, Walter Bernard & Milton Glaser Design Studio, picture edited prototypes of new magazines for the Wall Street Journal and Time Warner Inc.

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